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Kyrgyzstan Facts Kyrgyzstan Flag Kyrgyzstan Map

Kyrgyzstan Map
current time and date
currency: Som (KGS)
Official languages
Life expectancy
Literacy rate
National anthem
Internet TLD & calling code:
Coat of arms
Kyrgyzstan profile
landlocked; entirely mountainous, dominated by the Tien Shan range; 94% of the country is 1,000 m above sea level with an average elevation of 2,750 m; many tall peaks, glaciers, and high-altitude lakes
Kyrgyzstan history
A Central Asian country of incredible natural beauty and proud nomadic traditions, most of Kyrgyzstan was formally annexed to Russia in 1876. The Kyrgyz staged a major revolt against the Tsarist Empire in 1916 in which almost one-sixth of the Kyrgyz population was killed. Kyrgyzstan became a Soviet republic in 1936 and achieved independence in 1991 when the USSR dissolved. Nationwide demonstrations in the spring of 2005 resulted in the ouster of President Askar AKAEV, who had run the country since 1990. Subsequent presidential elections in July 2005 were won overwhelmingly by former prime minister Kurmanbek BAKIEV. Over the next few years, the new president manipulated the parliament to accrue new powers for himself. In July 2009, after months of harassment against his opponents and media critics, BAKIEV won re-election in a presidential campaign that the international community deemed flawed. In April 2010, violent protests in Bishkek led to the collapse of the BAKIEV regime and his eventual fleeing to Minsk, Belarus. His successor, Roza OTUNBAEVA, served as transitional president until Almazbek ATAMBAEV was inaugurated in December 2011. Continuing concerns include: the trajectory of democratization, endemic corruption, poor interethnic relations, and terrorism.
interesting Kyrgyzstan facts
Conventional long form: Kyrgyz Republic

Conventional short form: Kyrgyzstan

Local long form: Kyrgyz Respublikasy

Local short form: Kyrgyzstan

Formerly known as: Kirghiz Soviet Socialist Republic
fun Kyrgyzstan facts for kids
Kyrgyzstan's capital city is Bishkek
amazing Kyrgyzstan facts
Kyrgyzstan Constitution:

27 June 2010
Kyrgyzstan facts for kids
Kyrgyzstan population growth rate: 0.89%
Kyrgyzstan facts for kids
Kyrgyzstan highest point: Jengish Chokusu (Pik Pobedy) 7,439 m
interesting Kyrgyzstan facts for kids
Kyrgyzstan lowest point: Kara-Daryya (Karadar'ya) 132 m
fun Kyrgyzstan facts for kids
About 6% of Kyrgyzstan's land is arable.
Kyrgyzstan fun facts for kids
River Naryn is the Longest River in Kyrgyzstan
Kyrgyzstan fun facts for kids
Kyrgyzstan birth rate is 24 births/1,000 population
Kyrgyzstan fun facts for kids
Kyrgyzstan infant mortality rate is 31 deaths/1,000 live births
Kyrgyzstan fun facts for kids
Kyrgyzstan fertility rate is 2.71 children born/woman
Kyrgyzstan fun facts for kids
Kyrgyzstan climate:

dry continental to polar in high Tien Shan Mountains;

subtropical in southwest (Fergana Valley);

temperate in northern foothill zone
interesting Kyrgyzstan facts
Top 10 cities of Kyrgyzstan with populations (2012 est.) are:
1. Bishkek: 750,327
2. Osh: 208,520
3. Jalal-Abad: 70,401
4. Karakol: 64,322
5. Tokmok: 59,409
6. Kara-Balta: 47,159
7. Uzgen: 41,497
8. Balykchy: 41,342
9. Naryn: 40,050
10. Talas: 32,638
Kyrgyzstan fun facts for kids
Kyrgyzstan ethnic groups:

Kyrgyz - 64.9%
Uzbek - 13.8%
Russian - 12.5%
Dungan - 1.1%
Ukrainian - 1%
Uighur - 1%
other - 5.7%
interesting Kyrgyzstan facts
Kyrgyzstan Exports:

gold, cotton, wool, garments, meat, tobacco; mercury, uranium, hydropower; machinery; shoes
interesting Kyrgyzstan facts
Kyrgyzstan Imports:

oil and gas, machinery and equipment, chemicals, foodstuffs
interesting Kyrgyzstan facts
unicameral Supreme Council or Jogorku Kengesh (120 seats; members elected by popular vote to serve five-year terms)

Administrative Divisions:
7 provinces (oblastlar, singular - oblasty)

1. Batken Oblasty
2. Chuy Oblasty (Bishkek)
3. Jalal-Abad Oblasty
4. Naryn Oblasty
5. Osh Oblasty
6. Talas Oblasty
7. Ysyk-Kol Oblasty (Karakol)

and 1 city (shaar):

Bishkek Shaary
Political parties and leaders:
Ar-Namys (Dignity) Party - Feliks KULOV

Ata-Jurt (Homeland) - Kamchybek TASHIEV, Akhmat KELDIBEKOV

Ata-Meken (Fatherland) - Omurbek TEKEBAEV

Butun Kyrgyzstan (All Kyrgyzstan) - Adakhan MADUMAROV

Respublika - Omurbek BABANOV

Social-Democratic Party of Kyrgyzstan (SDPK) - Almazbek ATAMBAEV